Sea of Dunes

Shirt: Oh My Gauze
Pants: United Colors of Benetton
Scarf: gift brought back from Turkey
Sandals: Kinos
Photography: Alex Disbrow

The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado are seriously the most epic thing I have ever laid eyes on. They go on for miles. Alex and I stopped here on our way home from Santa Fe and we tried to climb to the top of one of the high dunes. Due to crazy amounts of wind and a brewing storm, we cut our climb short. The blowing sand was too brutal. If you ever get a chance to go here, do it.

Our little trip to New Mexico and southern Colorado was short, but sweet. The drive alone made the trip worth it. I could drive through the west for days. Pictures will appear on here soon.



Love Bug

pants: random find in Havana, FL
shirt: silence + noise
wedges: Jessica Simpson
samurai bracelet: Marc Jacobs
hat: vintage
other jewelry: random

I wish sand dunes were surrounding me since I feel like I should be on the back of a camel with these pants on.  I guess the sahara desert will have to wait. For now, it's just weird looks of confusion from passerby's as they question what I am wearing on my bottom half. Yes people, lots of fabric with a huge slit up the side. 



Party Pics Round Two

A few posts back, I posted pictures of my friend Lindsay's surprise party. Well, here is party pic post number two which includes pictures from my friend Tanzer's birthday party that took place a few weeks ago. If the house looks familiar, that is because the party happened to be at the same house as last time. Rainbow cake, glow sticks, and an awesome tune playlist that included just the right amount of bass heavy songs for the 3 huge speakers located in the living room made this night wickkkkky wild. Enjoy.
^birthday boy glitzen in the sparkle tank!

and I leave you with a song that I have constantly been listening to



Jail Bird

sheer skirt: vintage
shirt: Vcology
tuxedo jacket: vintage
boots: Colonial Madness
Photocred: Stacey lamb

I have come to realize that parking garages make for some pretty cool pictures. The fluorescent lights all around provided awesome lighting when the sun went down. Thankfully, the garage was lacking cars so oncoming traffic wasn't an issue. I Got this tuxedo jacket a while ago at some rando vintage store and was immediately drawn to the black and silver stripes. Reflective of a jail bird jumpsuit? Perhaps. 

This night ended with a 3:30 a.m. longboard ride around FSU's campus to go visit our hard working friends studying for finals in the library. This sheer skirt flowing in the wind (while going wayyyy to fast for my liking on the board) was amazing. I highly recommend partaking in this. 

Side note, SECOND YEAR OF COLLEGE IS OVER! Thank god for exams being done and my eyelids actually closing for sleep. I will be heading to Colorado soon since I am spending the summer out there with my boyfriend. I can't wait for the west to be in my face. Mountain overload.

Stay tuned for a guest posting I did, I will be sure to fill you in!



The Prophet

Title: The Prophet

Magazine: Tatler Hong Kong May 2010 
Photographer: Baldovino Barani
Stylist: Holly Suan Gray

Freaking out a little bit over this editorial. Amazing.