Final Boulder

Here is an overload of pictures for the lackluster of posts. I was savoring my last few days in Colorado with my love and slope time. We went to Winter Park Resort over the weekend and got in two full days of boarding. One more day would have been ideal. Absent from chairlifts and a snowboard for 3 years, It took me a few runs to get back into the swing of things. Winter Park is beautiful and I managed to book us an awesome room right across from the bottom lift. Talk about convenience. The weather was warm and sunny and the mountain wasn't too packed. Alex and I took a lift up to the top bowl and the view was amazing! I need mountains in my life. The flatness of Florida is way too boring. We headed back to Boulder on saturday evening and all of us were exhausted. Sunday was my last day, and Alex and I had a delicious last dinner out together. It is so hard to say goodbye to him. I was very close to not leaving.

After taking the red eye to catch my connecting flight in Miami, I am finally back in Tallahassee. This is really the last place I wanna be. On a better note, Clutch Magazine release party is tomorrow night. All of our hard work will finally be showcased in a glossy little magazine. 

Looking ahead, only a week and a half left until the crew and I head to Ultra in Miami! What a weekend that will be....


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  1. awesome photos! Colorado is such a beautiful state! I've only been to Colorado Springs...but i loved it!