Miami Music

Due to a second spring break, I have been absent from the cyber world for a few. Please excuse my delay, for my time has been filled up with driving and dancing. Last Wednesday, the crew and I drove down to Miami for Ultra Music Festival. This was the second go around for Stacey and I, but my boyfriend and the little brothers would experience Ultra for the first time. Thanks to my friend Candice, one of her friends is the food and beverage manager at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami and he was able to hook us up with 3 AMAZING hotel rooms. Upper floors, harbor view, and within walking distance to Bicentennial Park where Ultra is held. After having our bags dropped off, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries were brought up to each of our rooms. As we nom on the delicious treats and look out the window to see the port of Miami, all I can think is what the hell did I do to deserve this? Absolutely nothing. It sure pays to have friends with sweet connects. Ultra all around is something hard to explain. A built up world of tents and stages make up a 3 day long, glow play land, filled with music and people of all sorts, wearing very little while some wear fur that deck their bodies. To believe you must see. My favorite day was Saturday. Skream and Benga was the main set I wanted to see out of everyone there, and they delivered heavily. Around 9, Alex and I entered the Root Society Dome where a lineup of J Phlip, Justin Martin, and Claude von Stroke was about to unwind. I hadn't heard of any of them before, and they ended up serving my ears the best tunes of the night. While everyone was packed in front of the main stage with the agro crowd watching Deadmau5 close the night, we were raving in the dome with space to dance and great people. Living the high life those 6 days in Miami definitely checked me out of school. We only have one month left, but this last month is filled with just shit upon shit. Hopefully I can find the time to do more outfit posts. This weekend, we wore some pretty crazy getups. So much was going on that photo shoot time was lacking. I am still browsing news sites to find more pics of us that popped up from the fest. 

Here are some pictures I found of us via flickr and friends:

Here is the link to see everyone who played at Ultra this year.



  1. You have theee prettiest hair ever.
    Im so jealous haha


  2. thank you! It's so unhealthy right now though lol

  3. Thanks for the comment. Im from Washington State haha