one for yes, two for no

Shirt: waste
Skirt: forever 21
circle scarf: American Apparel
shoes: Colonial Madness
belt: vintage
bag: Lockheart
sunglasses: dad's vintage vaurnets
Jewels: forever 21, and many random places
Photo credit: Stacey Lamb

Stacey drove me to the airport yesterday and on the way we passed this cool spot to take pictures. I had time to spare before I needed to check in for my flight, so we figured we might as well use the time productively. The weather yesterday was hot and somewhat sticky so we made it quick. Thanks for the sweet pictures Stace, your camera rocks. I bought this shirt the other day and the print on it is made to look like the "In Rainbows" album by Radiohead. I've been nonstop listening to their new album, King of Limbs, so I figured I had to buy the shirt. I arrived in Boulder last night and I finally feel at home again. 2 months away from your boyfriend is a long ass time. The week ahead will be filled with great times. Spring Break, initiate.

ha.... I accidentally ran over my Ipod touch with my car. Still works like a charm!

FSU and stadium, We flew right over it!

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