Party Pics Round Two

A few posts back, I posted pictures of my friend Lindsay's surprise party. Well, here is party pic post number two which includes pictures from my friend Tanzer's birthday party that took place a few weeks ago. If the house looks familiar, that is because the party happened to be at the same house as last time. Rainbow cake, glow sticks, and an awesome tune playlist that included just the right amount of bass heavy songs for the 3 huge speakers located in the living room made this night wickkkkky wild. Enjoy.
^birthday boy glitzen in the sparkle tank!

and I leave you with a song that I have constantly been listening to



  1. So awesome.
    But so sad you had to post these once we left, RAWR.

  2. @SlambTheJam

    i know:( but check that song i just put on here. It's in the Justin Martin essential mix. So good

  3. love these unique photos, wish mine turned out this good!

    following you, lets follow each other? xx

  4. Favourite party photos ever. You beat thecobrasnake. x hivenn

  5. great pictures:)great blog and great girl!!!! follow you:)