puddle play

blazer:Goodwill, top:Asos, jeans:Abercrombie, heels:Henry Girl Boutique, hat:vintage, sunglasses:vintage

First off, I need to applaud lindsay for taking these pictures. She worked that puddle. Thanks, L.
Second, these work jeans have turned into work and wear jeans. I'm almost positive I bought them in 8th grade. I brought them back up to school with me as new work pants. I like how over the years that both of the tiny knees holes have transformed into huge slits. It also reminds me of the time when all the girls wanted the new hot pair of destroyed denim from Abercrombie and Fitch. Common, you all know what I'm talkin about.....the ridiculous $100+ pair of jeans that maybe had some sparkles on them. Yeah, we all wanted them. I give em' credit for holding up over all these years.

This blazer was originally bought as a gift for my friend Doug. My friend Candice and I found it at a Goodwill and planned on tie-dyeing it for his birthday. We still have yet to do that, so I'm wearing it on the side. 

Have some down time this weekend from work to focus on Clutch. We have our mens shoot on sunday, so tomorrow I will be styling that all day, then on set all day on Sunday. I'll be sure to share some behind the scene pics on here.