Something I need to do. 



My best friends and a beach. 

Or a bay...

Either way, the above is Northport, Long Island in less than 24 hours. 




Just when all of my sunglasses had fallen apart, a little bit of magic was waiting in my inbox. 

These are a little aquaberry dolphin if you know what I mean, 

Thanks Kenmark Eyewear, big love. 



Frozen moments in time, and you never know how they turn out until they are developed. 

Kind of like life. 



Life at 23. 



The grains between my toes, the salty air, smell of cool.
The soundtrack of soft rumbles, crashing. 
The warm skin, burnt tones, happy color. 
Seashells spiraling, wind howling.

But not as much as I'm missing you. 


Still Here

I'm still here, just elsewhere. 
My role as a Free People blogger for the past year and a half has taken most of my time away from Wolf & Willow. It's different blogging for a company rather than your own self, but the opportunities it has brought with it are ones that I sometimes still can't believe exist. 

Cornwall, Miami, Austin, Atlanta, Costa Rica, and in 2 days...Chicago. 

That's where this job has sent me, and although i'm tired, all the time, and my head hurts from trying to come up with new ideas, all the time...it's worth it.  

This blog might be slow moving, but the BLDG 25 Blog is not. For now, that's where all of my creativity is going, and that's where you can keep tabs on what i'm doing. 

  But in saying that, it reminds me that this blog is where it all started, and you can never let go of your roots.